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Late Bloomer Late Bloomer

Ben Gould, Gabriella Lacza

Ben Gould & Gabriella Lacza

Film Screening & Archive Presentation 

April 12, 2018

Late Bloomer Late Bloomer is at once performance documentation and independent video work, developed over the course of three years spent visiting Ben’s doctor in Vienna, Virginia for Tourette Syndrome-related treatment.


The film encapsulates a series of performances that take place in various real and imagined sites within the artists’ built mythology. Questioning how filmic devices might inject energy, location, and time into performance documentation, the piece contextualizes itself, weaving together the familiar and unfamiliar, through the use of sound, cinematography, and narrative. Parallel to the artists' collaborative practice, the film is informed by the raw energy of Ben’s Tourette’s as it acts as both motor and muse.

The film presents two performances, linked through contextual and fantastical imagery,  and an original soundtrack, composed through the cataloging and manipulation of all of Ben’s possible Tourette’s vocalizations.  

Ben Gould, Gabriella Lacza
Ben Gould, Gabriella Lacza, Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, LACA
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