Recipe Box Book Dinner

Janna Flessa Archive

Nick Flessa and Chloe Ginnegar 

Recipe Book Box 

designed by Chloe Ginnegar

produced by Nick Flessa and All Terrain Press 

Recipe Box Book Dinner activated materials from the exhibition Death Production: The Archive of Janna Flessa (Executed by Nick Flessa).The exhibition, a solo curatorial presentation of paintings, drawings, poetry, and ephemera from the Janna Flessa Archive was presented in 2018 at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive. The publication, Recipe Box Book, is a semi-functional cook book containing high-resolution scans of the contents of Janna Flessa's recipe box, on view in Death Production, including recipe cards, computer print-outs, newspaper clippings, comics and advertisements housed together in a wooden box. Some recipes are legible; others are obscured by water damage and the wear-and-tear of regular use.


The publication was celebrated at Recipe Box Book Dinner, co-presented with Hosting Projects, featuring a meal of select favorite dishes served alongside a living room installation. The production of the Recipe Box Book Dinner gave both a cultural and sensory context for the archival activation of the meal, in a contrasting setting to the original culinary environment.  The historical, cultural and regional particularities of the style of food preparation and consumption related to the recipe cards were showcased, giving space for insights and conversations as the dinner came to life. 

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