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Either Way I'm Celebrating

the final hosting project

For the past year and a half Harris Bauer, Lucia Del Sanchez, and Rachel Zaretsky ran Hosting Projects: an alternative weekend residency in the Lower East Side, where artists were invited into our drywall showroom-turned apartment for the production of temporal and site specific projects. As this is our last show at this location, we will be opening our home to friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends as we put together a final installation of work within the apartment.

Works by:

Yasaman Alipour

Harris Bauer

Jakey Begin

Conner Calhoun

Logan Criley

Cody DeFranco

Mace Ferrer

Cody Goebl

David Johnson

Valerie Kamen

Aspen Kincaid

Ian Langehough

Benjamin Langford

Isabel Legate

Jessia Ma

Kieran Magzul

James Martin

Hunter Mayton

Alex Muret

Jon Nazareth

Lauren Orschlen

Rivers Plasketes

Sara Rabin

Lily Roche

Jo Rosenthal

Lucia Sanchez

John Sandroni

Julia Santoli

Giovanni Scotti

Jonathan Small

Benjamin Lee Sperry

Connor Stankard

Mia Stasny

Justin Suazo

VeryGoodWill Hunting

Rachel Wark

James West

Elzie Williams

Daniel Young

Rachel Zaretsky

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