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A Ghost Walks Through a Bar: you couldn't tell, but he was trying to buy you a drink. Maybe what gets me doesn't get you, but I'm horrified.

You're invited to a Hallowsevening event after hours at Smiles N'Styles. All the children have gone home, but you're still there. You'll have to find other things to be entertained by, now that all the arcade games are switched off and Mom forgot to pick you up.

Sanchez Swamp Juice and other spooks provided. 

And remember, ghosts don't attend, they come thru. 


Lily Roche, Brogan Drissell,

Get Your Life! Productions,

Rachel Zaretsky, Corbin Ordel,

Emerson Rosenthal, Rachel Wark,

Oliver Levine, Kieran Magzul,

Conner Calhoun, Holly Harrell,

Yulia Zinshtein, Julia Santoli,

Tenten Yan, Rivers Plasketes


Live Performance by Julia Santoli

poster image by Sara Rabin

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